Can I Sell Clickbank Products On Amazon

Hey, how’s it going? It’s Sam Frost here from reviews back with another video in my Clickbank series and today we are asking the question of whether or not you can promote Clickbank products on Amazon. So I’ve seen a few people asking this question, they want to know whether they can somehow promote products on Amazon. Maybe you don’t have a website of your own. Maybe you just really like Amazon, you want to give Jeff Bezos more money because he doesn’t have enough of that? I don’t know. But can you actually promote Clickbank products on Amazon? Well, there’s a couple of ways to look at this in terms of just taking the product and listing it on Amazon. My understanding is no you can’t, you know, you’re going to struggle to get away with that. So, you know, it’s not like you can probably you can probably buy surf strength coach, burn it to a DVD listed for sale on Amazon and then you know, Bob’s your uncle, it’s not going to work like that. So, actually reselling Clickbank products on Amazon is there may be some way to do it. I’m sure someone probably tried it and if you have Feel free to comment below how you do it, but my view is, you know, advising you from my perspective Don’t even try. But what about selling Clickbank products on Amazon as an affiliate? Well, there is one way to do it that I know of that can actually be relatively successful and I’ll show you how it works. So basically, we’re going to open up Amazon here. So this is the standard Amazon thing but what we’re going to look at actually is the Kindle marketplace, we’re going to look at ebooks. So let’s let’s look up an E book let’s let’s go Dog Training book at Doug trading Kindle will go on the Kindle marketplace. So what we can see here and I’m just going to open up this first example so we’ve got

Dog Training smart way number one guide for any age of breed, Kindle edition. So we’re in the Kindle marketplace. Now looking at Kindle books, we can see here that I can buy that book for $5 69 or as that as a New Zealand dollars now $10 trillion, because our currency so weak, we can sell these other books. Now, the cool thing with the Kindle marketplace so there’s a couple of cool things. One is that you can sign up and you can create your own books and you can sell them on Kindle. It’s not as popular as sort of making money online method as it once was a few maybe four or five years ago a little bit longer. This was like super super hot although I’ve seen more and more ads again, doing the rounds on Facebook for you know, Kindle promotion, webinars and all that kind of stuff. But basically, you can sign up to Amazon’s Kindle publishing programme, you can create your own books and you can sell them on Kindle which is really really cool. But you obviously make the money off the sales there you know, so if I if this guy Robert Wolf, maybe it’s a pen name, if he’s selling this book, you know, he’s going to be getting a good portion of that money from the Kindle programme. But as far as promoting Clickbank products on on Amazon goes, or you can actually backdoor Clickbank products into your Kindle ebooks. And this was quite a popular strategy for a while and it there’s no reason why it still wouldn’t work today. I think you just need to be better quality about it. So what people were doing for back in the sort of the golden days of this method is people were launching endless numbers of these free or low price Kindle ebooks, targeted around keywords like you know how to train my puppy or how to train a Labrador a bulldog training guide, all that kind of stuff. We’ll just use the dog training example. They would launch heaps of these books and in the books the whole point was get as many people downloading the book often for free. So you can enrol your books and the Kindle programme that I can’t remember the name of it. I think it’s Kindle unlimited or something like that. You do use the free promotion options. So you hear it up periodically be allowed to sell your book for free so people could download it. And the whole idea was inside the book, you have affiliate links off to Clickbank so someone’s got the book for free or they’ve got it for a buck they read it and then you say if you want to learn more about dog training, go and buy dog eat dog training which is a popular product on Clickbank or what you would do is you would build an email list out of your Clickbank book or your Kindle book. So you might do something like offer a, you know, deluxe version or a video version or you know, a premium version. At the end of the book you’d say something like hey, thanks so much for downloading the Kindle version. You know, I’ve got an premium or upsell or upgrade version of this book available for free go here and sign up with your email address and I’ll send it to you and you build your list and the sell your Clickbank products off the back end. And now the reason this is popular and the reason this can work selling Clickbank products or any kind of affiliate products or Amazon is is twofold, really one is that there are people actively browsing the Kindle marketplace. So for example, I’m really interested in business you know, I like reading books about marketing and sales and all that kind of stuff. So often come in here and to search something like a sales book on Kindle, you know, so Kindle books on sales. You know, if Something like this here, right? I’m interested in selling, I might look at this book and think, Hey, this looks pretty good. And, you know, I want a new book to read. It’s only eight bucks and I’ll buy it and then I’ll read it. And, you know, this is something that legitimate authors do, not just affiliates, you know, any author you buy a book from on Kindle or even physical version these days, will often have some kind of promotion within the book as as another upsell. Often the cheap Kindle book is just a lead into some kind of premium product, whether it’s a video course or a one on one training or something like that. Exactly. The same concept applies with promoting on Kindle. But the the advantage of doing it on Kindle marketplace is that there are people like myself and thousands, hundreds of thousands, probably millions of other people browsing this marketplace every day looking for information. People trust Amazon, they trust Kindle, you know, they’re probably far more likely to buy a $5 book on dog training from kindle the now to buy a $50 ebook off Clickbank where they you know, have to pay 10 times the price. And they can’t see all the customer reviews that they trust on Amazon. And they’re not buying it through that trusted Amazon interface. So you’ve got the advantage to basically get your message out in front of people who are actively browsing. And the other reason you might want to use the Kindle marketplace as well to promote low priced ebooks or possibly free ebooks, depending on how you structure it, and then sell Clickbank products on the back end as the Amazon product pages rank quite well and Google. So I did quite well with this for a while I ran out of time, and my studies got in the way and everything. But way back about 2013 I think I was doing quite well with this, I would create Kindle ebook under a pen name. And each one would be targeted to a really specific keyword. So you know how to find buyer keywords on Google was the title of one of my books, I think, or something like that. But I ranked for a long time right at the top of Google for that really specific keyword. It wasn’t huge traffic, but people would come through and I’d usually get you know Taking people a day getting that book for really low price, sometimes free if I had it on free promotion, and then they would read through and then I would upsell them to a software on Clickbank on the back end. And then they would obviously, you know, not everyone would buy but the great thing was, I was making a little bit of money on the front end through Kindle, and then all this extra money on the backend for the affiliate sales. So if you’re wondering, can I promote Clickbank on Amazon can sell Clickbank products on Amazon, trying to list them as a regular sort of marketplace products probably not going to get you very far. But doing this Kindle type approach could work really well for you. You’ve got to be diligent edit. I think the marketplace is matured a lot as well. People aren’t so tolerant of crappy products. There was a period of time where people were just churning out the biggest piles of junk, you know, buying private label rights content and you know, slapping it up there with a different cover on and changing the pen name and it really did negatively affect the platform but now I think it’s mature and stabilise the So if you’ve got good information you can add, let’s say you are an expert on dog training. There’s nothing stopping you creating some simple books, you know, people will accept them in my best selling book I did on Kindle number of years ago, I think it only had about 25 pages, 30 pages, it was really a long report. And I sold it for about $3 I think was the average price it was sold for and people in the in the comments would say Hi, it’s a short book, but I could say before they bought it that it was short, and they would have knocked me down on the reviews. I averaged, I think four and a half review styles. The cold thing bankable knew it was going to be short. And the feedback was, Hey, I learned the information I needed without too much waffle. That’s one of the advantages you know, you don’t have to a lot of people, myself included. I would much rather write a 50 page book than a 500 page book. It can communicate the same message in that few a number of words different if you’re talking about fiction writing, which is something I have no experience and but certainly nonfiction you if you Got a area of expertise that aligns with the Clickbank product or category of Clickbank products that you want to promote so using the dog training example once again if you’re good at Dog Training have a go you know pick some keywords or some titles you’d like to create, write them, sell them on Kindle through the publishing marketplace, and potentially you might do quite well in terms of selling some product on the front end and then hopefully on the back end, you’re able to build a list and sell your Clickbank products as well. So if you’re wondering how you can make money on Amazon with Clickbank or can you sell Clickbank products on Amazon, I recommend the Kindle approach, you know, I don’t think it’s as easy as it once was. But the truth is, nothing’s as easy as it once was in terms of making money online. At least that’s my view. Hopefully found this video helpful. If you’ve got any questions, please leave a comment below. Otherwise, I’ll see you next time. Thank you so much for watching.

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