Can I Promote Clickbank Products On eBay?

What I want to do today is talk about whether or not you can promote Clickbank products on eBay.

I’ve seen a few people asking “can I go on Clickbank jump in the affiliate marketplace and then start finding products and selling them on eBay”, because for whatever reason you don’t have a website of your own and you just want to find a way to try and make some sales.

My understanding is firstly that eBay will take a pretty dim view of you trying to sell affiliate products on their platform.

Clickbank isn’t structured for this either. You’d need to sell the product for a marked-up price on eBay and then manage the deliver to the end customer – but the Clickbank affiliate system doesn’t really work like this.

If you’re wondering whether or not you can promote Clickbank products on eBay, the answer is it might technically be possible but honestly don’t even waste your time trying.

If someone’s going on eBay, that generally looking for physical product to purchase want to buy something with a car or guitar or TV or computer or whatever the case may be. Sure some people might buy books and information products on there, but the whole buying mentality is different compared to what you’re trying to achieve with Clickbank.

If you’re sitting there thinking, hey, I want to promote Clickbank products as an affiliate and I want to go on eBay and try and sell their while you might technically be able to get away with it, although I think that might actually not even be allowed. If you’re asking ‘can I promote Clickbank products on eBay’, it’s not going to work for you so don’t just don’t waste your time!

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