Affilorama Premium Review 2019

Affilorama Premium Review 2019

Welcome back to another honest Reviews Boss review. Today we are taking a look at Affilorama Premium. This is the monthly membership upgrade option to the free Affilorama membership. Because this isn’t the deepest product out there, it won’t be the longest review on the site … but hopefully you will still get some good value out of it.

What Is It?

Affilorama Premium is an upgrade option for

In case you need your memory jogged, here are the different Affilorama-branded products that are available:

  • Affilorama free. The basic level of membership, which entitles you to a series of free lessons as well as forum membership. Read my review of it here.
  • Affilorama Premium. What we are talking about today – the upgrade to regular membership.
  • AffiloBlueprintStep-by-step training where you watch “over the shoulder” to see Mark’s process for building profitable affiliate sites.
  • AffiloJetpack. My favourite product from the Affilorama stable. This is a high ticket product that gives you ready-made niche content in a variety of niches in order to help you create proper authority sites with highly converting email follow up sequences. Unfortunately, AffiloJetpack is not taking any new members at the moment 🙁
  • AffiloTools. A cloud-based SEO tool suite that seems to have been locked in beta for quite some time … I’ll probably review it at some stage, although there isn’t too much to see yet.

Who Makes It?

Affilorama Premium – as the name suggests – is part of the Affilorama family of products. This also includes Affilorama free, AffiloJetpack (which is currently not taking new members) and Affilorama Premium.

It is the brainchild of legendary super affiliate, Mark Ling.

How Much Does It Cost?

Affilorama Premium is a monthly rebill product. I’m not the biggest fan of monthly billing (as I have expressed in a number of reviews) as it often becomes one of those niggly things that you forget about until you check your credit card bill and you’ve racked up big bucks from all sorts of different subscriptions.

You can get your first 30 days’ access for just $1. After that, you’ll have to pay a not insignificant $67 per month.

Payment is processed through Clickbank so you are able to pay with Paypal and all major credit cards. Furthermore, you can get a refund at any stage within the first 60 days of membership as well.

What Do You Get?

From my perspective, there are three main elements to Affilorama Premium. I will talk to each of them in turn.

Affiliate Magazines


There is definitely some useful content to be gleaned from these affiliate magazines. However, the issue is that a lot of it is quite outdated. For example, you can see “Issue 9” is all about building backlinks with article marketing. Anyone who knows anything about SEO will tell you that article marketing is basically dead. It was never even a particularly good way of building links – the benefit came from “parasite” ranking pages in Google and then driving traffic from them. These days, article directories are total graveyards.

You will find that while there are some handy insights in the affiliate magazine content, too much of it is too outdated to be of any real use. What a shame 🙁

Video Lessons

There are a bunch of video lessons included with your membership. The main ones are as follows in the image:

That’s quite a bit of content to work your way through. However, some of what you will learn in these lessons is a bit outdated. The best bit is probably the guide to digital product creation … get that right and create a good digital product and you can make a FORTUNE.


One of the biggest selling points of this product is its bundled hosting. You get enough hosting for up to 15 websites, which is pretty reasonable when you work it out at a monthly rate per site (and you’re getting all of the other content on top as well).

Each hosting instance you create will have full cPanel access, which is handy and gives you a lot more control than you get with some bundled hosting options that only allow you to install WordPress.

However, the hosting is not particularly good. There is a lot of it in terms of the number of sites you can host, but the quality just isn’t there in my opinion. The biggest reason for this is that it doesn’t seem to be very fast. Every site I have built on this hosting has had slow loading times, and when I investigate further it is often because the server is simply slow to respond. Not cool 🙁

Another annoying thing is that you will find yourself constantly getting hit with WP Admin captcha screens. 50% of the time I find that I am unable to progress past the captcha, no matter how many correct attempts I make. This means I just have to come back at a later time in order to log into my site (or remember to leave myself persistently logged in).

NB: One way I did find to get around this limitation was by using one of those WordPress plugins that allows you to change your WP login address. So instead of going to /wp-login.php (which would trigger the captcha) I would just log in at /reviewsbosslogin or something that I defined myself.

What I Like

  • You can get a month’s access for a dollar. A buck to sign up and take a look around at the different training videos, interviews, and affiliate magazine issues is not bad. Most people could probably get away with signing up for 30 days and then spending an hour a night just blasting through the training content.
  • Bundled hosting is useful for testing. Although I bagged on the hosting before, it is quite useful for testing out new themes and plugins etc without having to spend extra money. I do a lot of my testing on this hosting.
  • Some good, timeless content in the lessons and interviews. However, the SEO lessons are quite outdated. I much prefer the mindset and overall affiliate strategy content in these lessons. Some of the interviews, especially regarding PPC and affiliate marketing, are really solid as well.
  • Bundled PLR is handy. I might catch some shade for this, but I do believe that the bundled PLR content that comes with each “magazine” issue could be handy to a lot of budding affiliates who want content they can get spun up or rewritten for Web 2.o link building. A well-spun or rewritten PLR article is the ideal base content for a strong Web 2.0 tier 1 link (following something like the Gotch SEO guide here).

What I Dislike

  • Hosting is slow and buggy. As discussed above, the hosting is not particularly good. You’ll find that your sites load slowly, which is not good from a usability or SEO perspective. Also there are other intermittent bugs as well. It’s a damn shame, because if the hosting was better this product would be much more competitive.
  • Not enough fresh content. While the content isn’t bad, a lot of it (especially the SEO stuff) is a bit outdated and doesn’t really cut the mustard any more. I don’t see enough new content being added on a regular basis. Compare this to a premium affiliate marketing forum like Stack That Money where you pay a fairly similar price, but there is always more content being added and a lot of it is step-by-step guides or follow alongs/journeys .
  • Doesn’t feel like good value for $67 per month. Overall, that’s the biggest problem I’ve got with Affilorama Premium. It just does not feel as if it is really worth $67 per month – $804 per year. Hosting is cheap enough elsewhere, and as far as training content goes there is always plenty to be found on free websites like Blackhatworld or Affiliate Fix. And if you want a premium training option, then members-only forums like Wealthy Affiliate or Stack That Money are potentially better.
    • Think about it this way: $67 per month would buy you a domain name, some basic hosting, and at few good quality outsourced blog posts each month … allowing you to build up an affiliate site on the side that might actually make you some money.


Overall, I don’t really think that Affilorama Premium is worth the monthly fee of $67.

The crazy thing is that the complete opposite would be the case if the hosting platform provided was faster, more reliable, and more flexible. However, as it stands you are paying quite a high monthly price for what is fairly dated training, and less-than-stellar hosting.

The PLR is kind of useful if you want to whip it up through a spinner or cheap rewriter for Tier 1 Web 2.0 links or something like that. But then again you can buy SCREEDS of PLR from Fiverr for next to nothing.

Here’s how I think Affilorama Premium could improve big time:

  • Get better bundled hosting. It needs to be fast, reliable, and bug-free. This really could make a big difference, as having access to a lot of hosting is valuable for serial affiliate website builders like myself.
  • Add more content on a regular basis. Make it something unique, like watching over Mark’s shoulder as he personally builds a profitable affiliate site. Look at other money making methods like Shopify + Aliexpress dropshipping.
  • Lower the price a bit. $67 is quite a lot of money for what you are getting here. Especially considering that some of the training is outdated. If it was say $30 per month it would be worth it. I have to be especially conscious because of the exchange rate coming back into New Zealand – $67 is about $100 a month here.

I reckon that if Affilorama Premium had a bit more freshness of content, and the hosting was improved (at least to the point where you don’t constantly get smashed with login captchas) then it would become worth a buy. So I’m definitely not saying that the product is bad – especially compared to some of the absolute tripe that is available in the Internet marketing training space – it just needs a little bit more value added, either through more content or a lower price, before I can recommend it to most people.

Affilorama Premium Review
  • Value For Money
  • Quality Of Training
  • Included Bonuses/Extras


Affilorama Premium has a lot of potential, but unfortunately falls short of the mark because of its relatively high monthly rebill price, and content that needs some updating to be relevant for affiliate marketing in 2017. The bundled hosting is a great concept, but that needs some improving too due to the fact that it is quite slow and buggy and has a tendency to lock you out of your own WP-admin areas due to annoying captchas (the hosting, I believe, is just resold from another company so it's likely that the issue is coming from their end). I like the concept of a premium, members-only training and combined hosting platform for affiliate marketing. The idea of Affilorama Premium is great, it just needs some improvement to the value proposition to be worth the monthly price.


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