Advanced Google Adwords Review 2019

Advanced Google Adwords Review 2019

Hi everybody, it’s Sam here again, back at Reviews Boss with another review. And, today I’m looking at a book. It’s actually a physical printed book. I think you might be able to get digital copy, but I got a printed copy from It’s called “Advanced Google Adwords” by Brad Geddes.

Basically, I got this book because I’m into doing Google Adwords, both in house kind of work and for clients. I’ve worked on a platform for quite some time, but I wanted to learn really all the tips and tricks and have a good reference book that I could use whenever I needed to consult a nice printed book for advice or tips and tricks and what to do. So, I purchased “Advanced Google Adwords.” It arrived from really quickly. Within about a week, it’s come all the way to New Zealand, which is impressive.

And, basically what I’m going to do is give a short review of this book. Compared to my software or full training product reviews, this is a much shorter review, but hopefully it still gives you a good feel for the product.

So, what is “Advanced Google Adwords?” As I said, it’s a book designed to give you a really comprehensive grounding in Google Adwords. So, basically, it teaches you everything you need to know about the platform from basic campaign sittings right through to very advanced features. There’s hundreds of pages in this book. I can’t remember the exact page count off the top of my head because it’s not set in front of my, but yes. Hugely, hugely detailed. There’s illustrations, there’s screenshots, it’s very, very comprehensive. I think it’s probably the most comprehensive Adwords resource I can think of. So, that’s why I decided to get myself a copy.

I do still prefer reading a nice detailed book as opposed to say, you know, you could find similar information if you went through loads of different blog posts, but it’s nice to have it all in one place. And, in the spirit of keeping this review of “Advanced Google Adwords” nice and brief, what I’m going to do is quickly just cover off what I like about the book and what I don’t like, and then give a conclusion to this review.

So, the things I like about “Advanced Google Adwords,” it’s extremely detailed, exceptionally detailed. There’s so much information in here. It’s just incredible what you can learn. Even as someone who had worked on adwords for quite some time, I really did pick up a lot of useful additionally information and tactics and tricks and strategies, even basic campaign settings that I wasn’t so aware on. So, if you want to learn Google ad words, it’s the ultimate resource in that respect. There’s just an overwhelming wealth of information. It’s fantastic.

Second thing is it’s priced well. I can’t remember exactly what I paid for it because it was quite some time ago that I bought it, but I think it cost me only about 30 or 40 US dollars landed into New Zealand. Maybe a bit more. I’ll have to look that up, but when you consider that some adwords training courses, for example, I’ve seen a thousand dollars, 1500 dollars, and even the cheaper ones are 200 or 300 dollars. “Advance Google Adwords” represents exceptional value. It’s not a comprehensive strategy guide, it’s not telling you this is exactly how you have to run a campaign for this type of client if you’re doing a local service or e-commerce or whatever. It’s really making you aware of all the settings and features and pitfalls and tips and tricks, but it’s incredible value for money. It really is. It’s really well-written, easy to read. It’s not actually boring at all. You could probably sit there and read it for hours and not be bored.

I also love just having a really detailed, thick, rich feeling book in front of me. Sure, books have largely been superseded by Kindle versions or e-books or apps or whatever, but there’s just something, for this kind of book, there’s something really nice about having it in front of you as a proper reference manual. There’s another Google analytics book that I want to get my hands on that I’ll hopefully be reviewing soon and that looks similar. I can’t remember it’s name. I think “Google Analytics Demystified” or something like that. I look forward to getting another one of these detailed reference books. It looks the part, sitting in your home office or in your regular office or at your desk or whatever. It’s very, very good reading.

As far as things I don’t like, there is a risk of information overload if you’ve never tackled adwords before. You could probably start with something a lot more simple. I reviewed a really simple Kindle e-book the other day, “Essential Adwords: The Quick and Dirty Guide.” That was like a four or five dollar Kindle e-bbok and that would give you good grounding. Or just basic YouTube training as well. I’m actually going to be doing a series of basic videos on some key concepts from adwords and SCO and things like that in the near future, so keep an eye out for those. But that’s probably the biggest pitfall I can see of “Advanced Google Adwords” is that it does run the risk of overwhelming you with so much information, but at the same time, it’s absolutely spot-on in terms of the quality of that information. So, I don’t think this is a massive problem.

Other things, it would have been nice if there’s a color print version available. The screenshots and illustrations are in black and white in this book. They’re legible, you can make out what’s going on, but obviously it’d be better if there was a … even if you had to pay quite a bit more for a deluxe color-printed version with more detailed screenshots, that would be really good.

And then the other thing is there’s always a risk of buying a print version and it goes out of date. On my print version, I bought about a year ago, and there’s already been a number of adwords features that have changed since then. I think you get free updates for life through a digital version, something like that, I’ll have to double-check and I’ll update the review here, but that’s something to bear in mind as well is that, often if you buy an e-book, you get a lifetime access to updates. You buy it for 100 dollars and then every time something changes on a platform you’re learning about, you’ll get an update. So, that’s another thing as well. I think I have the third addition. There’s definitely some stuff that’s outdated, but by in large, most of the contents are still very good. I’m tempted to buy the next addition if there is one available.

But, in conclusion, “Advanced Google Adwords” by Brad Geddes. It is a fantastic book. If you’ve got any interest at all in learning adwords, go out and get the latest version you can. Just jump on Amazon, it’s available on there, won’t cost you too much money. Definitely, definitely worth buying. The things that are wrong with it are massively outweighed by the pros. It’s just such a detailed immersive guide to what is a very complicated platform, and it’s great just to sometimes be able to, if you’re setting up a campaign and you think, “What does this option do? What do I need to do in this situation?” Just flick to the reference index at the back of the book, find that option, jump to the correct chapter or page, read through, and all of a sudden, you know what you’re doing. It’s full of tip sections and check lists and detailed written explanations and all those kinds of things.

So, “Advanced Google Adwords” by Brad Geddes. If you’ve got any interest at all at getting good with Adwords, this must be in your bookshelf. 100 percent worth buying. Just go out and get it now. Click here to buy it on Amazon, you will not regret it.

Advanced Google Adwords Review
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Advanced Google Adwords is one of the best resources in the world for learning and up-skilling on Google's Adwords platform. It's a fantastic book that should be an essential component of your business library if you're interested in PPC marketing and Adwords. For a very modest price you can invest in one of the most detailed and comprehensive guides ever created to Adwords. Don't miss out - this is a must-read. Just be aware of the potential for information overload!


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