About My Reviews

This page is just a basic explanation of key points you need to know when checking out my reviews:

Review Structure

Since November 2017, most of my reviews are created by me either:

a) Recording a screencast video
b) Recording a podcast/audio track

I then have the audio from that screencast or podcast transcribed into written form (I use Rev.com for this).

From there, I do some basic formatting/editing of the written reviews, add in images and screencapture videos as necessary, and basically “polish” them.

However, if you read the written versions of my reviews you will very clearly notice they are transcriptions. This means the structure, “idea flow” etc all more closely represent how I would talk about  a product or topic if you were sitting in front of me. You will notice natural sentence breaks, pauses, changes of direction etc. .. just as you would get in a normal conversation.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that you consume my reviews and articles by viewing the embedded (and original) video or podcast version. You will get the full experience and enjoy my reviews the way they were truly meant to be seen/heard. Of course the transcribed versions are helpful as well, and if you scroll to the bottom of any review page you will see a red-bordered area that contains the key points in text format too.

I promise you I can write properly as well đŸ˜‰

Affiliate Disclosure

I may earn commissions on products recommended on this site.

Review Integrity

One of my goals with Reviews Boss is to ensure that my reviews are honest and give you an unbiased perspective of what I think about a product.

Here’s how I achieve that:

  • Most products I review, I buy for myself or have regular use of through my “day job”.
  • If a product owner/vendor offers me a review copy of their product (and I choose to review it) I will clearly state this in my review.
  • Providing me with a review copy is no guarantee of a good review. I don’t automatically score products higher because the vendor gave me a free copy to try.
  • I do not accept payment for reviews.