Likeability Blueprint Review 2019

Likeability Blueprint…it’s a pretty cool name huh? Well today Im going to review this product, and we will see if the quality of the product itself matches up to the quality of the name!

First of all, lets break down what this is. The Likeability Blueprint is a digital information product and it resides within the niche of personal development. So if you are a person who thinks they will benefit from personal improvement and want to be more successful in life, you should read this review keenly as this may be able to help you do just that.

This product teaches people how to become more likeable. Not just likeable, but to become a magnet. Someone who can captivate people just by entering a room. Having this kind of ability, that makes people naturally gravitate towards you, can be hugely useful in business and in your personal life. And the Likeability Blueprint helps you develop just that.

The main part of this product is its core eBook. The eBook is where the bulk of the information you are looking for will be situated. Also they do add accompanying audio tapes, if you would prefer to listen to the information instead.

The product is currently available for $47 USD. This is the standard price for a product of this type these days. You can buy it by paying via Paypal. All major credit cards are also accept.

Payment is taken through Clickbank, the number 1 online marketplace for digital information products. They are very reliable and very popular, so there is no worry there.

If you want your own version, press here to go to their page and see a video on the project. If you like that, instructions to buy will be right there.

Below you can see the pros for this product, as well as the negatives.


The information is presented in a way that makes it very easy to pick up, and to implement. It gets straight to the point. It also does not require huge effort from you. Everything is broken down into manageable steps, so it is simple to progress through.

It also really emphasizes how likeability can impact your life, and how many positives it can bring to you. Understanding these advantages is the first step to managing to harness them for yourself.

If you are a person who finds social situations difficult, or even purposely avoids them, this product is perfect for you and will definitely help you change your habits and your behaviours into something more positive. This course is a great confidence booster and really helps you get to grips with social anxiety and helps you combat it.

One final, great pro is the fact you have a Total Money-Back Guarantee, no questions asked, and they stand by it completely. So you always have a way out if you change your mind. Nothing to lose.


It can be difficult at first to completely alter your behaviour, especially if its not a way you were originally used to behaving. Also, some people may think its disingenuous to change your behaviour to draw in others, rather than just being yourself.

Also, there is no physical copy, there is only online features. So if you want to hold a book or get some hands on experience, there isn’t really a way.

The price of the initial product is fine, but the optional bonuses can be a little on the high side.

Overall there are very few cons, and more pros for sure.

Traffic Travis Download – Where To Get It

So you want to get your hands on Traffic Travis? Good choice! Although the software is a little dated in parts, I still think that there is lots of value to be had in adding Traffic Travis to your arsenal (just remember, it cannot be used on Mac – if you’ve got a Mac, then take a look at my guide to your options here).

There are two versions of Traffic Travis:

  • Free
  • Professional

If you’ve read my review, then you’ll know that my advice is that you should start with the free version first, test the waters, and then go for the paid option if you think it’s worth it.

So where should you download Traffic Travis?

If you Google, you’ll come across a few different options, such as software hosting/download sites.

However, my advice to you is that you should only download from the official Traffic Travis website. Why? Because it will ensure that you only get the most up-to-date version of the software, and also that you don’t risk downloading any corrupted/infected software.

I have seen a few cracked versions of Traffic Travis Pro, for example, that are hosted on some seriously shady sites. The crazy thing is that these don’t even work due to the way the software licencing functions.

When you get the free version of Traffic Travis or buy the Pro version, you are sent a licence code that you need to input into the software when you first start it up. Without the code, it won’t work. The product developers aren’t stupid – once they see the same Pro code inputted multiple times, it gets locked out.

So if you want to get access (either free or paid) the only smart way to do it is official. You have to supply your name + email to get a licence even if you do download from an external source, so why bother? Go here to download Traffic Travis from the official website.

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis Review

Click here to check out the official Power of Conversational Hypnosis website

Review continues here:

Being able to convince someone to partake in a particular action or situation is one of the most powerful skills you can acquire.

The following will describe some common scenarios in which this miraculous ability is fully displayed in the real world.

  • You are in dire need of a salary increase in order to ensure that you can make enough money to keep up with the rising costs of simple living. While meeting with your supervisor, you are able to persuade them of your value, leading to a surprisingly high raise that has shattered any previous expectations.
  • Your car has broken down due to an issue in its tires. After traveling to the nearest dealership, you’re able to find a car that seems appropriate for your lifestyle, but it’s way too expensive. You’re able to persuade the dealer, who is initially firm on the price, to lower the cost well-below average. This allows for you to purchase this perfect car at a reasonable price point.
  • You’re having issues with your relationship and cannot resolve anything with your partner. Through being persuasive, you are able to express your perspective and allow for an open discussion, leading to a better relationship with clear goals and expectations.
  • You want to use the force, just like Yoda, to get some snacks without getting up. (okay, that was lame, but you get the gist!)

So as you can see from the previous examples, being able to convince people to either respond to your needs or agree with your ideas allows for amazing, new possibilities.

After learning the valuable skill of persuasion, I’ve been able to better my life in many aspects. Specifically, all of my close relationships have improved greatly.

Recall the number of conversations you have each and every day, and think about how meaningful they could be if you mastered the skill of persuasion. Now, you may be asking, what’s the best way to persuade?

I believe that persuading someone is rooted in the technique of conversational hypnosis. This strategy is also called “covert hypnosis”, and it is within the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This school of learning involves focusing on how your brain reacts and responds to stimuli. It also describes how recognising goals and behavioral patterns form the core of success.

Conversational hypnosis essentially just means adjusting your communication methods in order to be able to convince people of certain things.

So, you may wonder how I learned the art of conversational hypnosis. Well, I simply used the very popular method of The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, written by famous author Igor Ledochowski. This is a digital course where you are able to find all your resources through digital downloads, rather than a physical supplemental set of instructions. These resources are written originally by Milton H. Erickson, and then interpreted directly by our good friend Mr. Ledochowski.

Ledochowski is a popular hypnotist and persuader, who wrote a critically acclaimed audiobook on conversational hypnosis. Following this initial project, he was able to combine his personal experience with the works of Erickson to build The Power of Conversational Hypnosis.

Since it was released, The Power of Conversational Hypnosis has sold thousands of copies. I’ve been a part of this community for several years now and would like to share my experience with all of you.

Product Details

Price – $197 USD

Payment options – Credit card or Paypal

Refund Policy – You are able to get a full refund if requested within two months after your purchase.

What you Get: The main course in eBook and audiobook formats plus other supplemental materials built around using your brain to develop skills. As an added bonus, some quick-start guides are also included, which are very helpful for starting out.

Below, you can see what the full kit will look like.

Now, remember that the actual product is fully digital, but the image should give you an idea of what to expect. Once you purchase the course, you will be provided the login info to a private area for members only. It looks like this:

Once you click the “Get Access Now” button, the full product will initiate and you can view any of the provided audio or PDF files. Also, every bonus item can be found on this same page! This makes it really easy for you to view everything at once without any hassle.

A sample audio file can be found here if you would like to take a listen:

So let’s cover what the course covers exactly. Here’s a summary of each and every chapter in The Power of Conversational Hypnosis.

Part 1 – How to persuade people in order to get them to do whatever you want.

Part 2 – How to mind-read through creating a bond with your target.

Part 3 – Ways to change someone’s perspective

Part 4 – How to get people to follow your words.

Part 5 – The core technique to alter someone’s behavior.

Part 6 – The secret of using language.

Part 7 – The power of storytelling to get things done.

Part 8 – How to hypnotize on your daily conversations.

Part 9 – Advanced conversational hypnotism.

Part 10 – How to attract the attention of others.

Part 11 – How to influence others.

Part 12 – How to become very efficient in hypnotism.

Each one of these chapters contains several different strategies and examples in order to teach you the art of persuasion. The taglines above should give you a good idea of what to expect from each overarching section.

Let’s get into what I both enjoyed and disliked in the product after experiencing the full course. This will allow you to envision the full picture of what you get from The Power of Conversational Hypnosis.

Now to start off, you need to know that the strategies described will definitely work if you put in enough time and effort into understand them forward and backward. The subject is not an easy one, but this course provides the necessary knowledge that is required to fully master the art of persuasion. It all depends on how much work you are putting into the program. For example, just looking at a few resources here and there will definitely give you some idea of what to do, but this level of understanding won’t provide the best results. Also, you’ll need to put your newfound knowledge into practice in the real world as well.

The resources provided in the course are extremely high-quality. Everything has a sense of honest research and dedication, keeping things appealing for all audiences. Many other similar programs do not have the level of polish that The Power of Conversational Hypnosis possesses. Other than Mind Valley courses, this really stands out in the market.

One great benefit being provided is the two month money-back guarantee, which probably won’t be necessary if you follow the recommended steps and my advice extremely closely long-term. However, it’s always great to have a refund option just in case you are unhappy with your results.

The last great aspect about The Power of Conversational Hypnosis is that it’s sold through a secure platform that protects your personal and private info. No matter the method in which you pay, your privacy is kept 100% secure.

To describe some of the negative aspects of the program, I’ll start by saying it’s not cheap. At just under $200, the overall course will definitely make a dent in your wallet. Also, you aren’t getting any physical resources, so being a digital product, I feel like The Power of Conversational Hypnosis could be significantly cheaper without hurting the company behind it. I understand that some people might not want to dish out that type of cash for such a product.

Another minor issue with the program is that there is sometimes too much information being thrown at you at once. Things start to get pretty deep and complex from the start, which is good and bad at the same time. Luckily, you can simply take small steps and look at the bonus resources such as cheat sheets in order to adjust your mindset and gradually become accustomed to the hands-on teaching style.

Lastly, some of the promises that the program lists are a little far-fetched. Although I fully believe in the power of conversational hypnosis, I do not think that it will solve every single problem you have in your life. Granted, it will make vast improvements to your daily experience in the real world, but it will not fix absolutely every issue you happen to encounter. Just know that you need to combine your overall knowledge and never give up on it.

In conclusion, I truly believe that The Power of Conversational Hypnosis is a great, hands-on guide to mastering the art of persuasion in the form of conversational hypnosis. You definitely can’t go wrong with the content in this program. Even though there are some concrete issues that I have just mentioned, the positives here completely outweigh the negatives. If you can get past the price and amount of content, which isn’t really even a negative, The Power of Conversational Hypnosis is absolutely phenomenal. I fully believe this program will better your life and help you really enjoy the people and environment around you, and that’s worth lightyears more than $200.

iWriter Review 2019


At the heart of every website or blog lies content. Without content, you’ve not got anything to offer your visitors. And if you have nothing to offer your visitors, then why on earth would they want to be on your website?

Please note that this iWriter review contains sections for both buyers looking to purchase articles, as well as writers looking to sell their content. I’ve tried to make this flow as well as possible, but if you find it hard to follow then please leave a comment and I will consider splitting it out into two reviews.

What Is iWriter?

iWriter, to put it bluntly, is what you call a “content mill”. Basically, people seeking content for their websites, blogs, or whatever (the buyers) can submit a list of articles that need written, and then writers can take those jobs.

It’s designed primarily for getting articles 300-1000 words in length that are tightly targeted around a specific keyword, such as “dog training tips” or “how to reduce mortgage repayment”.

iWriter isn’t just a popular destination for buyers either. It is also popular with people looking to write articles for money; whether that is to supplement their existing income, or to simply make ends meet.

Because people are so interested in iWriter from both sides of the fence, I thought I had better do a detailed review of it. This iWriter review is all up-to-date and relevant for 2019 as well.

How To Sign Up To iWriter

Start by heading over to – here’s the homepage (NB: the site has recently had a makeover, so I will update the screen shots in due course)


Now from here you need to pick what you are looking to do with iWriter. If you want to get content written for you, then select to “have articles written” from the option on the left.

On the other hand, if you want to write articles for money, then select the “write articles” option.

Depending on which option you choose, you’ll see a signup form a bit like this:


Buying Articles

If you’re looking to purchase articles, then you’ll want to pay close attention to this section of the review, which is coming soon.

Selling Articles

If you’re looking to write articles and get paid money for doing so, then you’ll want to pay close attention to this section of the review, which is coming soon.

iWriter Alternatives

  • – pretty much the same platform, only smaller. I’ve generally found the articles are higher quality than iWriter for the price. However, the owners are rumoured to treat writers poorly. You can read my review of here.
  • Fiverr – another place to hire $5/500 word writers. LOADS of competition and you have to actively sell – you can’t just go and grab gigs from an open jobs list. You can actually find reasonable content writers on Fiverr.
  • Constant Content – much more high end. Writers charge anywhere from $5/100 words and up. You can browse pre-written articles and purchase, or request custom gigs. I used to write a bit for Constant Content, but found that their system of writing for buyer requests wasn’t fantastic, and that I just didn’t see the results I was getting from writing for clients I found independently. You can read my review of Constant Content here.
  • Peopleperhour – a newer entry to the fray. This is a cool gig marketplace site. Lots of flexibility for setting your own prices and then working hard to get clients. Solid escrow-type payment system as well which is neat. Good opportunities for buyers as well. Much better than Fiverr in my opinion.

There are loads of other places to either find buyers for your content, or to find sellers offering content for sale. Just do a bit of looking around.


iWriter Review For Buyers

The only thing cheapie iWriter articles are any good for is getting dirt cheap content for PBN sites, buffer Web 2.0s or pump n’ dump affiliate sites. If you are using them as the basis of a serious informational website (or, heaven forbid, promotional content such as affiliate reviews or sales page copy) then you deserve to fail. That’s not me being rude, it’s just the harsh truth.

The quality of the content just isn’t very good, because the only people really writing for iWriter are either those who aren’t good enough to get paid clients elsewhere, or people who just don’t care about the quality of their work. There may be some exceptions to this in the higher content tier, where you pay a much higher price per word. However, in my experience you still don’t get anything particularly good in terms of content when paying the higher prices.

I must admit that the functionality of the marketplace is very good from the perspective of a buyer. You get fast turnaround time, and everything is designed to ensure you get the article you want – even at the expense of the writer. I’ve never had to wait more than 24 hours to get an article returned to me.

iWriter Review For Writers

Let’s make this straightforward: Please don’t. You deserve better than this.

Provided you can actually write a decent quality article (I mean something that is readable and provides at least a little slice of value to the reader) then you should be looking to ply your trade elsewhere. I would suggest trying to independently find clients, or go through a marketplace like Upwork or Peopleperhour that at least gives you a little bit more flexibility to earn decent cash.

The only exception to this rule, from my perspective, is if you’re on skid row at the moment financially and need some fast cash. You could potentially eek out a meager existence writing articles at the lower tier, but it certainly wouldn’t be fun. However, if it beats starving, then by all means go ahead.

I guess you could also justify writing for a content mill like iWriter if you live in a country where  the local currency is grossly undervalued versus the US dollar. If $5 USD equals half a day’s wages working a regular job, then you could no doubt make an okay living from iWriter or similar content mills. However, if you live in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, NZ etc, then you’ll really struggle to make ends meet.

Of course the crap pay is not the only thing wrong with iWriter from the perspective of someone being a writer. There are other nasty downsides to contend with also:

For example, there have been reports for the longest time of buyers rejecting articles (which, ostensibly means they don’t pay but shouldn’t get the work) and then actually keeping the article by taking the “text image” you receive for proofing, and putting it into an image to text converter. This text image is meant to protect the seller and buyer by allowing the buyer to check the article before sending funds, and the seller by preventing their content from being copied/pasted and then rejected.

Furthermore, the kind of buyers who actually go and spend their money on iWriter tend to be very difficult to work for. Back when I was a poor uni student I did a bit of writing on iWriter, and it wasn’t uncommon to get some total cheapskate loser who was paying $3 for a 500 word article to reject it – despite perfect grammar, spelling, and following their instructions – for some kind of nebulous reason like “not enough depth”. Guess what? You don’t deserve “depth” in your content for $3 per 500 words. All you deserve is a somewhat coherently-arranged set of words that bear a vague resemblance to the topic you wanted to have content written about.

As you can tell, I am still kind of salty about this. However, iWriter is a textbook example of what I like to call the “pricing paradox”. As a rule, the more money you are charging for your services, the less prone to complaining and more satisfied the customers/clients are. On the other hand, bargain basement clients who feel like they are forking out the big bucks when paying $5 for a 500 word article are more likely to complain. I’m sure most people who have done freelancing work, either in the real world or online, will agree with me here.


Overall, iWriter falls down in a number of key areas.

However, iWriter does have some merit as a source of fast-turnaround dirt cheap PBN content, or something that you could put through a spin syntax to blast with GSA or RankerX or something like that.

As a seller, iWriter only makes sense if you are desperate for income or living somewhere were a couple of measly US dollars equals a princely sum in the local currency. Even then, you’re going to have to put up with being treated like DIRT by many iWriter buyers.

The interesting thing with this platform is that there are some good writers on here, and there are also some good buyers who treat the writers well, don’t make unreasonable demands, don’t cheat the system (i.e. rejecting the article but downloading the preview of it so they can get free content). The problem really comes from the fact that most of the time, you either seem to get stuck with terrible buyers who expect far too much for what they are willing to pay for, or if you’re a buyer you tend to wind up having a dreadful writer ignoring most of your instructions and delivering you steaming hot garbage.

If you DO manage to find a good buyer (or vice versa) then the functionality of the platform makes it a total breeze to use. You can quickly and easily write your content, and iWriter is reliable at paying out. As a buyer, you can get fast turnaround and you don’t have to deal with the manual handling of payments etc, as well as enjoying a good level of protection.

If you’re willing to put up with the pitfalls/shortcomings, then there could be potential for you on iWriter, especially from the buying side of the equation. Although it’s generally better to work with independent freelancers who are “off platform”, it’s also handy to be able to get content turned around so incredibly quickly and with minimal fuss. If you build up a list of writers you like working with as well, then your process can become even more streamlined.

You can check out iWriter for yourself here, and register either as a buyer or writer. NB that as far as I can tell, you need a separate account for buying and writing. Check whether you’re registering as a ‘client’ or ‘writer’ depending on what you want.

FPTraffic Pro Coming Soon

Good news everyone – FPTraffic Pro is coming soon. Luke recently released a post in the FPTraffic group (on Facebook) indicating that Pro is almost here. I’ve been excited about this for a long time – FPTraffic has been my #1 recommended tool for quite some time for anyone looking to grow and monetize Facebook pages, and Pro promises a number of improved features.

I’ll be doing a full review as soon as it drops, but for now here’s what I would like to see from FPTraffic pro:

  • More image sources from within the app (Google Images, anyone)?
  • Ability to see top performing content and re-cycle and schedule “winners”.
  • Ability to copy an entire queue to another page and then recycle – this would be KILLER for owning a niche with 10,20,30+ pages.
  • Better mobile compatibility

Fingers crossed, eh?!

Hittail Review

hittail review

Video Version

Review Transcript

Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Sam Frost here from and in this review I’m taking a quick look at a an SEO tool called HitTail. You can check it out at Right off the bat I want to say that at the moment I’m just using the free version of HitTail. I’ve actually used it a few times in the past and sort of forgot about it, to be honest, until I saw it mentioned on a forum I go on. I triggered my memory to go back and check it out and basically see what HitTail is up to these days.

Basically, if you haven’t heard of HitTail, it’s a website or a platform that’s focused on long tail keywords so it’s sort of implied in the name. The original bit of HitTail and what I want to focus on in this review is a piece of technology they’ve developed that basically tries to identify what you would call underperforming long tail keywords for your website.

If you know anything about keyword research and ECO, you obviously know that long tail keywords are generally the most valuable and often contribute the vast majority of the traffic your site gets. There are all sorts of crazy stats out there, like 15% of searches, I think it is, every single day are ones that have never been made before on Google so there’s an almost endless number of long tail keywords out there. There are a lot of people who’ve done really, really well in affiliate SEO and client SEO and all sorts of other things like that just by building up content around long tail keywords ranking for it, doing the basic SEO in link building. Creating, I guess, life changing businesses through that which is really, really cool.

One thing I’ve always been interested in is trying to identify what long tail keywords actually hold really good potential for my website so basically what I’m looking at here is HitTail.

What it does is hooks into your Google search console. That used to be called Google Web Master Tools in case you aren’t down with the play and the changed name. What it allows you to do is basically identify potential keywords.

Once you’ve set up your account, which takes almost no time to do, there’s a free version available. You get a pretty heavy limitation on the data and I will be trying the premium version in the next day or so, I just want to do an initial review to start with. Once you install, you log into your HitTail account and you can say something like this.

There’s keyword ideas in HitTail which is, it’s just like a generic code of keyword research [inaudible 00:02:42], it’s nothing amazing. I loaded up some examples, it’s not really what I’m focused on either but it’s a useful little thing to have. It’s got a little bit of extra data you can see, because I’m on a free subscription you basically get very little information. Well, you don’t really get any at all in terms of the search volume. You can almost make it out there actually, that looks like 5,400 search volume in about 23 million indexed URLs or something like that for keyword research as a keyword. Once I’ve upgraded my account I’ll revisit this and talk about it but it’s just a toll for finding for finding long tails.

What I want to talk about specifically is this bit, my hot keywords. What this does, and this is the classic functionality of HitTails, is it taps into your … Basically, the keywords you’re ranking or and driving traffic from and then tries to help you identify keyword suggestions so I’ll explain the toll trip here. Keywords suggested by this toll already bring traffic to your website but you’re still not in Google’s top 10 with them. Getting into Google’s top 10 with these keywords were bringing up to 10 times more traffic so basically what HitTail was doing here is it’s finding keywords. While you’re not on the first page we are receiving traffic and they’re long tail keywords.

Then what it’s doing is suggesting those keywords to you so I found a few reviews about Crytocurrency exchanges so, for example, Bitcoin’s market. I found a bit of posting about Cryptocurrency Exchange where it looked like an exit scam, now there’s potentially a chance it’s coming back. Who knows? That’s not relevant to this video but obviously people are searching there and I must be on page two or three or something, probably page two I’m guessing, I haven’t actually checked. Basically, that was driving traffic to the site,, but I’m not on page one.

What HitTails is suggesting here, I should go out and create a piece of content about that. Now, I’m not going to create content about this particular keyword because Bitcoin Talk is another website, they were looking for information on another website but something like this. What is Cryptopia? Well, I’ve got a review of Cryptopia or Cryptocurrency Exchange, it’s not going to be hard for me to whip up a few hundred word article about what is Cryptopia specifically optimized around that keyword and then link back to my main review or even add a more detailed section with an H2 tag to my main review.

Let’s have a look at other things. Okay, here we go, Smart Sheet review, this is a good one. Smart Sheet is a product I use working with a client of mine, a local business that I work with on a regular basis and they use Smart Sheet for internal communications. I’ve done a review of it. What that’s saying is that people are actually clicking on my Smart Sheet review even though it’s not in the top 10 so if I could that into the top 10, people are already clicking it and viewing it now, I’m going to get a lot more traffic.

There’s a sense, I guess, that HitTail tells you the obvious but it is useful just to see these ideas, really always doing or showing you ideas. It’s prompting you how to think about potential topics you could write about. You can see … I mean, obviously the data is fairly limited and when I upgrade to the paid version and test it out for a month or two I will come back and redo this video and redo my review but it is useful to see.

For example, what’s another one, the Affilorama review. I have a review of Affilorama, I know it doesn’t rank on the first page yet, I’m working on that. That tells me, “Okay, I should really, really work on it.” The score, you could order by the score and what it’s saying there is the higher the score is the easier you can get into Google’s top 10, and potentially the more traffic you can get. You can do things like add as a to do just so you know … I guess a portfolio of keywords you want to try and rank for.

Basically yeah, you’re just looking for long tail keyword opportunities and you can see your to do list here and you can mark it as done once you’ve done a specific content piece or section of content with an existing article. You can even order outsourced articles direct which I haven’t tried, I don’t know if they’re any good or not. Yeah, HitTail, I’m only using the free version at the moment just to test it out, see what the functionality is like.

I like what I see so far so I am going to order the premium version just for a month and try it. Then I’ll come back and do a full review. If you’re already driving traffic through SEO I do recommend you try something like this just to get a feel for what other keywords are out there that you could add to your mix on your website and drive additional results.

1st Domains Review 2019

Hot on the back of my recent Dynadot review, I’m back with a review of another popular domain registrar (well, popular if you live in New Zealand like me!)

This is a quick review of 1st Domains, which has been a top registrar in NZ for a number of years now.

What Is 1st Domains?

1st Domains is a domain registrar and hosting provider company, based in New Zealand. I use them to register any New Zealand TLDs that I need for whatever reason.

The only reason you would go with this registrar is if you need to get your hands on a or .kiwi or other NZ TLD domain.

If you’re based in NZ and looking to register something like a .com or .net, then I would still recommend that you go with Dynadot in order to save money. 1st Domains really is there just for

How Much Are Domains?

This depends on exactly what TLD you want to buy. However, the two most common options – and .com – are $21.50 NZD per year (GST exclusive).

There is a full range of NZ TLDs including, .kiwi, .nz. You can also register all common global TLDs, as well as those flashy new extensions like .marketing.


Although this has been a short review, I hope that you can see that 1st Domains is a great option for any NZ-based Internet marketer (or anyone who needs to register an NZ TLD domain).

Their site might be a bit old fashioned and their prices aren’t necessarily the best … but 1st Domains manage to provide a nice and stable experience and offer good customer service.

I’ve certainly never had a bad experience with 1st Domains, and would recommend them to anybody.

Where Do I Spot Check SERPS?

Another short post from me today as I’m busy and actively working on writing some big reviews. A question people sometimes ask me is where I go to spot-check SERPs (as opposed to actively tracking them). Not every keyword needs to be actively tracked … and sometimes you just want to get a good idea of where you are sitting for any particular keyword.

For this purpose, I prefer to use a SERP “spot checker”. This is a simple web-based tool – there’s loads of them, mind you – where you enter your keyword, any search parameter like Google location, and then find out where you, your client, or your competitors are ranking.

So what tools do I use for spot checking SERPs? Well, there’s one main one that I like to use:

Whats My Serp SERP checker is a bit of an old-fashioned, ugly looking tool to use. However, it is nonetheless very functional and seems to return accurate results.

All you do is enter your domain name, pick where in the world you want to search from, and then add each of your keywords to the keyword entry form. From there, you just hit “check all” and let it run!

The biggest problem with this particular tool is that it displays positions 1-10 for a keyword, and then skips to wherever your site is in the rankings. Here’s an example of what I mean:


This can be kind of annoying as you don’t get as much context about the results around your position (unless you are within the top 10).

You can load in up to 3 competitor sites to compare against, as well as export your results to CSV.

Click here to check it out. I really like and use it on a daily basis.


Ubersuggest Review: Uncover Keywords with High Buyer Intent in Minutes

Keyword research — the fundamental component of online marketing that marketers love to skip.

Whether you’re planning a PPC campaign, preparing to build links for SEO, or just poking around for a feasible niche, keyword research will help you get profitable results.

Remember, targeting the right keywords means reaching the right audience with your content. Even if you have the most amazing product or service in the world, it’ll be extremely difficult to sell if you approach the wrong people.

The good news is, doing effective keyword research doesn’t have to involve hours staring at spreadsheets and pulling your hair out over hard-to-read data.

Using a keyword research tool like Ubersuggest, it’s easy to unearth profitable keyword opportunities. All you need is a seed keyword, dependable internet, and a couple of minutes to spare.

Without further ado, here’s a closer look at Ubersuggest’s features and how to use them:

1. Expanding Seed Keywords into Hundreds of Long-Tail Variations

You’ve probably heard of this tip before, but if you want to get fast and reliable results, then you need to avoid oversaturated keywords that everyone else uses.

Ubersuggest can help you with this by providing hundreds of long-tail keyword suggestions based on your seed keyword.

For example, if you want to find long-tail variations of “auto repair,” simply enter it on Ubersuggest to generate the following results:

Easy, right?

You can also choose your keyword sources under the “Keyword Suggestions” section, which could be the Google Keyword Planner, Google Suggest, or both.

With Ubersuggest, you should be able to find a couple of useful long-tail keywords from the first page alone.

Just remember that long-tail keywords contain at least 3 terms and pertain to a very specific topic. Since they are generally less competitive than broader terms, they’re much easier to rank for in SEO as well as utilize for unique content ideas.

2. Presenting Every Metric that Matters

You don’t need to be an expert to know that not all keywords are made equal.

Even if you’re comparing two long-tail keywords side by side, one of them is bound to be more effective for marketing or advertising.
Ubersuggest makes sure these differences are as clear-cut as possible by presenting three important metrics:

  • Search Volume
    The first metric you’ll see is the average search volume that keywords receive. While this is a direct measure of a keyword’s popularity, it’s definitely not the only thing you should consider.
  • CPC
    Short for cost per click, the CPC metric is the average fee that advertisers are willing to cover using a keyword. A high CPC value is a good indication that a keyword performs well in PPC.
  • Competition
    In Ubersuggest, a keyword’s competitiveness is scored from 0.0 to 1.0. The sweet spot is usually 0.4 for smaller brands and marketers with a relatively small budget.

To easily sort keywords according to the metric you prefer, click on the up or down “arrowhead” icons next to them.

For example, if you want to find keywords with the highest CPC, this is what you’ll get:

To learn about the click distribution between organic and paid listings for each keyword, point your mouse to the “graph” icon to the left of the CPC value. The keyword “local auto repair shops,” for example, get 38 organic clicks and 24 paid clicks for the number one result on search engines.

3. Weeding Out Irrelevant Terms

Despite knowing the metrics mentioned above, it can still be hard to handpick the right keyword ideas due to the hundreds of suggestions presented by Ubersuggest.

That’s why you need to further refine your keyword research using the filter options found on the left side of the interface.

The first thing you may want to do is to weed out keyword suggestions that contain irrelevant terms, such as the brand name of a competitor or products that are unrelated to your business.

In relation to the example above, let’s say you don’t have anything to do with Auto Repair Xpress and A&A. Simply enter the terms into the “Negative Keywords” field and click “Save.”

That’s it! All the keyword suggestions that contain any of the negative keywords you specify will be immediately pulled down from the results.

By adding negative keywords, you can have long lists of keyword suggestions without all the fluff. This is extremely useful if you want to export the keywords into a CSV file and share it with your team or clients.

But what if you don’t care for CSV documents and want to get straight to the good stuff?

I’m glad you asked. It’s time to find the winning keywords that demand your full attention.

4. Seasoning Your Keywords with Commercial or Transactional Terms

Ubersuggest has a very straightforward approach when it comes to keyword filters.

All you have to do is add the exact terms you want to see under the “Filter Results” field and it’s a done deal. You just need to figure out the right commercial or transactional keywords that your prospective leads are likely to use.

For example, suppose you’re a freelance web designer who needs more traffic to your “Hire Me” landing page. Your initial Ubersuggest results with the seed keyword “web designer” should look like:

You can then add the keyword “hire” to the “Filter Results” field to scrape keyword opportunities with transactional intent.

Of course, there are many ways to use filters to fine-tune your keyword research with Ubersuggest. You can throw in your product or platform of specialization, the area you serve, and so on.

As a final piece of advice, make sure you’re not targeting a keyword opportunity that’s falling off in terms of popularity. For this, simply hover your mouse pointer over the graph icon to the left of the Search Volume Metric to reveal its month by month performance.


Overall, Ubersuggest is the perfect representation of what keyword research tools should be.

It doesn’t put you through hours of number-crunching since it allows you to zero in on lucrative keyword opportunities that draw in searchers with commercial intent, in minutes.

Best of all, it’s 100% free. You don’t even need to register for an account or provide an email address to use it.
With virtually nothing to complain about, why not take it for a spin yourself? Seriously — do it and tell us about your experience in the comments below!