Exit Scam Update – Some Progress, Maybe?

I’ve been posting a bit recently about the scam exchange that went offline about 3 weeks ago, including some videos on YouTube etc.

My first video was this:

My second video talked about the high likelihood that we are facing a so-called “exit scam”:

In the past ~12 hours, there has been an update posted on the news section. Because the site is still having downtime issues, I’ve copied it below for you to read for yourself:


First let us explain what is coinsmarkets , we are based on 2 investor , 1 admin , 1 coder , 2 senior support and 4 general support .

In November last year 1 of senior support left the team , It is hard enough to hire a new one , this work is based on a lot of trust , so we still waiting for correct condidat .

Now let’s move to the issue , in December we experienced a lot of new users and huge volume , we were ready for double or even triple volume but in our case it was 10x +. From here all kind of problem start with servers , Now add to that the last senior support remaining have some family issue and was forced to be off most of the time . In addition to all that there was some db corruption issue we faced due to the overload and later hosting issue. So a lot of work to do with a lot of missing stuff.

Please understand that in exchange you can’t just go and hire someone and trust him millions of dollars .

We are sorry for lack of comunication about issue we have thought that people already trust us enough , and we invested 100% of time in restoring the site . Now issue with hosting , hosting complained about a lot of fraud report from users about our service . We find this really hard to explain , it is clear that not even a single coin has moved from our wallets , and once again we are here to stay , We have not even released 10% of our road map , there is a lot of new future to be added in the nearest future.

A week ago we started negoation with new host that can accept similar service , we initiated the move , The Database was fixed yesterday night . Now remain to setup new servers , few fix here and there and service will be restored , We write our news only in coinsmarkets news section , any twitter , chat msg etc is a scam , Again Official Coinsmarkets message are written only in coinsmarkets news section .(edited)”

What Does This Mean?

At this stage, I’m not too sure. I can see that and other forums are abuzz with people talking about this latest update. There are two camps of people:

  • The first (whom I consider either to be a bit naive, or otherwise paid shills) are those claiming that this singular, poorly-worded update is definitive proof that we all have nothing to worry about, and that is definitely coming back, that anyone who thinks otherwise is a “FUDder” (my least favorite term in the world – having legitimate concerns about a platform or cryptocurrency is not FUD, it’s common sense)
  • The second are those – like me – who believe that this is probably a “smoke screen” put up to distract people and put them off the scent, hoping that eventually people will just give up on chasing it. There is still no timeline, no real apology, no images or videos of the devs working hard trying to put everything back together. After all this time, to put out such an amateurish statement with no supporting evidence does not do much to fill me with confidence.

Even if does miraculously come back online, there is no guarantee you’ll be able to get your deposits out.

Firstly, the flood of traffic all trying to do the same thing will almost certainly crash the server again. Secondly, I find it highly unlikely that such a poorly-run exchange is likely to have in storage all the deposits it claims to have. Sure, your wallet balance might show 100,000 ECA – but do they actually have that 100,000 ECA if everyone decides to withdraw at once? Seeing as physical banks with huge amounts of regulation and government support do not have enough money to cover all depositors looking to withdraw at once (if my high school economics class memory serves me right) I see it as being highly likely that the exchange would just fold.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

Also, if you’re new to cryptocurrency investing and want to get a concise and effective “quick start” guide, then I recommend this book – Cryptocurrency Investing Bible. It’s available on Amazon for less than the price of a cup of coffee (for the Kindle edition). It’s well worth checking out to get a sound grounding in key crypto investing concepts. Click here to check out the book.

Transferring A Weebly Site To Another Account

I recently encountered a unique conundrum with using Weebly, and wanted to share my experience with anyone who also uses the Weebly platform (which I need to get around to reviewing actually, especially with the number of new features they have recently added).

I had a number of sites built sitting under one Weebly account. So from the same login I could edit a few different sites I was working on.

One of these sites I decided to sell on Flippa. It was an affiliate site making a nice little bit of money each month, and was relatively passive. However, I just couldn’t be bothered doing anything more with the site to build it up, so decided to sell.

The auction went well and the site sold. However, what was I going to do with the site as it’s hosted on Weebly?

Transferring a site to another host when using WordPress with something like Hawk Host is easy. But Weebly doesn’t have any easy “DIY” transfer method. The good news is that you can do it – it just requires some emailing!

If you need to transfer a Weebly site to another account (whether another one of your own, or someone else’s) here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get an email address that has NEVER been used before on Weebly (this is important)
  2. Contact Weebly support and request they transfer the site to that email address – they will set up the account for you.
  3. Sit back and relax, and don’t forget to answer any questions that might come through from the support team

Other things you need to know:

  • This process is free
  • Weebly will issue a password for that newly created account
  • The newly created account will get whatever level of paid service you had on your old account (and will renew on the same date it would have)


Find Your Focus Review 2019

Okay, as I’m sure you all know by now, this is a site where we aim to deliver the highest standard reviews. We take honestly, detail and research very seriously. And today, we have another great review for you to enjoy.

Today we are discussing Find Your Focus. This is a popular product right now, and is making a lot of sales. We are going to be breaking it down and working out if this is the best fit for you. We will also be comparing it to other similar products we have reviewed on this site, and I will be able to let you know exactly what the deal is.

Some people may be feeling a bit of self-improvement fatigue right about now, as we have seen a steady stream of similar items hit the market. But I can assure you, this product right here is one you will definitely want to stick around for and read about.

So what is it? Essentially, it is here to help you do just as the title says. The focus of this product is very direct, and there is not much broadness to it, like you may find in other similar products.

I really like how it has this strong focus, and how it really helps the reader to overcome debilitating problems like laziness and procrastination, that can really damage your ability to succeed in this life. They can be hugely negative forces that suck all the will and the determination out of you once they take hold. Overcoming these barriers is something I am very passionate about, which is exactly why I have so much interest in this particular product.

Now of course, there are a couple of negatives to this product, as you would expect. The biggest downside is that it’s a little on the expensive side, as its being sold for $100 USD. Most products in this niche can be bought for a lot less than that, even if they maybe aren’t as useful as this.

The bottom line here though, is that I think it’s definitely worth the price. The price may be high, but so is the value. And for this price, you are getting a whole lot of value. Which is the most important thing when you are deciding on whether to buy a product or not.

If you are interested in this product and want to make a big change in your life, I cant do anything than to strongly recommend that you take the time to look at Zach Browman’s Find Your Focus.

AffiloJetpack Review

affilojetpack review thumbnail

Welcome back to Reviews Boss, how are you going? I’ve got another EPIC and HONEST review for you today. This review is looking at a really high end product in the affiliate marketing scene;  Mark Ling’s AffiloJetpack.

This AffiloJetpack review is all updated and good-to-go for 2019. And because this is such a big product with a high price tag I will be ensuring that I do keep my review as updated as possible. If you’re dropping big dinero on a product, then you deserve to know that it is the right choice for you before you hit the purchase button!

Getting Started With A Free Webinar or eBook

If you’re interested in the AffiloJetpack model (and Mark’s classic “niche site + traffic + offer = sales” affiliate system) then there a couple of ways you can dip your toes in the water without having to spend anything.

Mark and the AJP team offer a number of free resources to help whet your appetite for affiliate marketing. These come in the form of an eBook and also a number of webinars.

Now it’s important to understand that by signing up for the webinar(s) or eBook you will be entered into the AffiloJetpack sales funnel and encouraged to buy the full product. There is no requirement to do so, however, and you can enjoy these top-quality affiliate marketing resources for free (and you will also get a nice discount off the full product if you do decide to buy).

The freebie intro resources are:

Click any of those links and you’ll be taken to the appropriate page to register for the webinar or eBook.

AffiloJetpack Pricing

Here’s where it gets a bit painful. You see AffiloJetpack is not a cheap product. In fact, joining is going to cost you a whopping $997 USD (in my currency that’s getting on for $2000 dollars! Perhaps even more soon with how terrible our currency is performing)

If you’ve got cash to burn, then that isn’t too problematic. But chances are if you are purchasing AffiloJetpack, then you are looking to make money.

That pricing is pretty brutal; although it is a one-off cost. I bet there would be a huge surge of new customers of a 50/50 pricing option was made available e.g. pay half now and half in 6 months time. I’m also surprised that there is no monthly rebill option at $90 or similar … I bet that would have punters racing through the door!

As far as discounts on AJP go, there’s actually a little trick to getting a good saving right off the bat. It just involves going to a particular link that is set up for a perpetual discount (down to $747) but which is not advertised publicly. Go here to see my instructions for accessing this discount.

The other good news is that you are covered by a comprehensive 60 day money-back guarantee, as the product is sold through Clickbank. This peace of mind is nice if you are sitting on the fence about purchasing. If you do stump up the cash and aren’t satisfied, then it is easy to get a refund.

Version Differences

If you’ve been in the affiliate marketing game for a while, then you will know that there was an earlier, 1.0 version of AffiloJetpack. This was deprecated a long time ago. But in case you’re wondering, here’s what has been updated for the new version:

  • Different recommended autoresponder tool. The original version of AJP recommended Aweber (my tool of choice for email marketing). However, the new version pushes a platform called Fluttermail. The upside of Fluttermail is that it is developed into the AffiloJetpack dashboard, which means you can have all your newsletters set up and populated with affiliate links in a few clicks of the mouse. The downside is you are locked into using Fluttermail unless you want to manually download, edit, and then create your newsletter sequence. If you’ve never purchased an email marketing tool before, then it probably does make sense to go with Fluttermail simply because of the good integration (it is partly owned by the company behind AffiloJetpack, which means that support is unlikely to go anywhere any time soon).
  • More and better niches. I can’t give too much away, but suffice it to say that there are lots of great niches with well-established profitability potential and lots of good affiliate products. There are far more niches than in the first version of the product, which is nice to see. There is also a better “spread”, meaning that whatever you are into you are probably going to be able to find a good niche that you will enjoy working on and profiting from.
  • Article research snippets instead of PLR articles. A key reason why some AJP 1.0 members complained of not seeing results was because that version of the product contained pre-written articles. If you know anything about duplicate SEO, then you can probably already guess where this is going. Lazy newbies just copied and pasted the articles verbatim, and then sat around complaining when Google refused to unleash a torrent of traffic on to their websites. The new version of AffiloJetpack skirts this problem by providing you with what are called “article research snippets.” These snippets provide you with key research and understanding of the niche you’ve picked, which will allow you to create content much faster than having to research for yourself. You can pass this info to an outsourcer if you’d rather have someone else write the articles for you as well.
  • Fast site setup process. One of the coolest things about the new version of AffiloJetpack is its rapid site configuration process. With the old version you had to manually set up your hosting, domain name, newsletters and everything like that. With the new version you can do it all from your AJP dashboard and with only a few clicks of the mouse. This is a big time saver and makes procrastination that much harder. I will cover this feature in more detail later in the review, as well as talking about its pros and cons.
  • Regular newsletter & product updates. One of the biggest complaints about the first version of the product is that the email newsletters (the bread and butter of the product and what you will be relying on to make money) weren’t updated regularly enough. At the heart of this problem was the fact that some of the recommended affiliate products were removed from sale or changed substantially since the time when AJP 1.0 was first launched. You didn’t get any notification of this, which meant that unless you were manually checking your products on a regular basis your leads could be getting sent to non-existing sales pages or products that were radically different than advertised in the newsletters. The new version of AffiloJetpack includes regular updates whenever a recommended affiliate product is removed from sale; an alternative is almost always found.
  • Slicker production. The first version of AffiloJetpack was quite an accomplished product, but it always had the downside of feeling like it was a bunch of better-than-usual PLR content thrown together with some instructions for making a site out of it. The current version of AJP gives off a much more professional vibe. Everything about it is put together in a tight, professional fashion that inspires a lot more confidence and gives off the vibe that a lot of work went into making it. Of course that is not to say that it is necessarily a good product (we are too early in the review to determine that yet!). But at least the facade is nice, right?

What Is AffiloJetpack?

Basically, AffiloJetpack is a sort of “business in a box” type product. You’ve probably heard of the term PLR content, right? Well AJP 2.0 is like PLR on steroids (and I mean Ronnie Coleman Mr Olympia levels of steroids).

Although every man and his dog has tried making this type of product, AffiloJetpack is different because of the scope and detail of what you get.

But before I get ahead of myself, let’s actually examine what the product is by looking at what it does:

The “raison d’etre” of AffiloJetpack is to help you create profitable affiliate websites in proven niches. By providing you with the key building blocks of a successful affiliate site, you should be able to get started faster and see results sooner.

The product itself consists of a number of so-called Jetpacks, which are themed around a specific niche (think about a topic like dog training, or muscle building). Each Jetpack is designed to be like one of those cake mixture packets you can buy at the supermarket. Rather than having to sort out all the ingredients of your website yourself – keyword research, niche research, products to promote, a newsletter sequence loaded with promos – you can roll with what’s already in the packet. And provided you can follow the included instructions, then you should have a pretty good result at the end … although this time instead of  making a cake you are actually creating an affiliate website!

Hopefully that makes sense. Although if it all seems a little overwhelming right now, don’t worry – by the end of this review of AffiloJetpack you will be a master at what this product does.

AffiloJetpack is made by the same team behind Affilorama and AffiloBlueprint. You actually access it through the Affilorama members’ dashboard system.

What’s Included?

There’s a whole bunch of goodies included with AffiloJetpack. Rather than bog my review down too much at this point, I thought I’d rather give a quick “helicopter view” of what you get:

  • From the 18 available niches you can select up to 5 Jetpacks. It is also possible to purchase a “booster pack” which entitles you to select more niches. For the price it would be better if you could access all the niches, but I guess that would not be a good business decision!
  • Each niche comes with a researched list of keywords to target. All keywords include search volumes, SEO competition analysis score, CPCs etc.
  • Around 90-100 newsletters per niche – roughly enough for 1 year worth of promotion. These newsletters are to be loaded into your email service provider of choice and form the backbone of AffiloJetpack. Pre-sell and promotions are included in the newsletters.
  • 3 free giveaway reports/eBooks per niche. You are meant to use these as hooks to encourage visitors to your site to sign up to your list.
  • Each report/eBook comes with a number of cover variations to help make your offer look more unique.
  • You get AffiloTheme bundled, although it isn’t exactly the best WordPress theme (I discussed this in detail here)
  • Article research snippets for each niche that are designed to help you write better articles, faster.
  • Rapid site setup process (this will be covered in more detail later in the review)
  • Members’ forum where you can shoot the $hit with other AJP members and share ideas, strategies etc.
  • Bonuses – I will talk about these later.
  • Plus a whole lot more smaller stuff that I can’t be bothered writing out in detail – if you check out the sales page you will see everything that you get.

The AffiloJetpack Method

Here’s a basic outline of how most affiliates are using AJP to build sites and make money:

  1. Pick the niche “Jetpack” that you want. An example that is included with AJP is the prepping/survival niche (think Doomsday Preppers and the like). So you would unlock this niche out of one of your five Jetpacks.
  2. Follow the site setup process. This is where you pick a domain name, set up your hosting, and connect with Fluttermail – the recommended ESP that is integrated for fast setup. This whole process realistically takes around 30 minutes. If you’re not particularly tech-savvy, then allow for some extra time.
  3. You should now have the bare bones of a website. Something like that you can log into the WP Admin and get to work.
  4. Now it’s time to get started on actually putting some content into your site. This is where you will use the bundled article research snippets in order to create content that targets the keywords you’ve been provided. A word to the wise: Think beyond the conventional wisdom of 500 word articles. A single mega detailed content piece that is suitable for outreach is going to get you far further than 10 x 500 word articles that nobody will ever link to. Find what other sites are doing in your niche, and then do it better.
  5. Once your site is populated with content and sign up forms for your newsletters, it is time to start driving traffic like a madman. SEO, referral traffic, social media, PPC … it’s up to you at this point to kick ass and get those visitors flowing through.
  6. Now you should be getting visitors flowing through your site, and hopefully leads signing up to your email newsletters in exchange for those giveaway ebooks. At this stage you want to be working on two things:
    1. Driving more traffic (a site getting 100 visitors a day will struggle to make money … 1000 per day and you can be earning a nice income … 10,000 per day and you’ll be making BANK)
    2. Optimising your opt in forms, welcome mats etc in order to get more sign ups. More people reading your newsletters equals more sales.

That really is the basic AffiloJetpack process. Of course it sounds super easy on paper (and, in fact, the site setup process is easy). But as I will talk to later, it is really all about the traffic generation and monetisation. That is where you make your bread.

Site Setup Process

Perhaps the biggest change between AffiloJetpack 1.0 and 2.0 (the current version) is the rapid site setup process. When you normally create a website you need to register your domain with a domain registrar, pay for some hosting, associate the domain with the hosting, install WordPress or a CMS, install a theme, and then a theme. And if you’re setting up a newsletter list with autoresponder emails, then you will need to upload these all manually to your ESP like Mailchimp or Aweber.

One of the core selling points of the latest version of AffiloJetpack is the “on boarding” process that helps you to get your websites set up faster than ever before.

I could walk you through it step-by-step, but the truth is that if you buy the product you will be able to work it all out for yourself quickly because it is such a fundamental component.

Full disclosure: I don’t use this process, and have never followed through it from start to finish. This is because I prefer to arrange my own hosting and I only use Aweber for my affiliate emailing. Therefore I have no need to make use of the rapid setup system. I think that if you are a newbie or looking to remove as much hassle from the site setup process as possible, then

What’s The Catch?

At face value, AffiloJetpack sounds amazing right? I mean you are literally getting everything you need to start a high quality affiliate site. How could you not succeed?

The truth is, it is very easy NOT to succeed with a product like this.

That is because no matter how great the site you make is in terms of aesthetics and content, it is really all down to getting people to your site who can click your links and make you money.

So what is the difference between someone who uses AffiloJetpack and makes diddly squat, and someone who successfully uses it to go on and make a filthy great pile of affiliate commissions?


Well, specifically targeted traffic.

Many AJP users (and I think this is accurate of affiliates in general actually) have an attitude of “if I build it they will come”. What I mean by this is that there is an assumption – and a massively wrong one at that – that the act of building a great affiliate site is sufficient in itself to see results.

The truth is that it isn’t!

You need to be on point with your traffic generation. Whether that is SEO, social media, PPC, media buys, or whatever. YOU NEED TRAFFIC TO MAKE MONEY.

And that is the REAL value of AffiloJetpack. It is a product that is cutting out the boring part and letting you focus on what actually counts. Targeted traffic is the lifeblood of an effective affiliate website (in fact just about any site, for that matter). Without targeted traffic you aren’t going to get any leads onto your AffiloJetpack newsletter list; that means no chance of making money.

So whatever you do, please don’t buy AffiloJetpack thinking that you’ll be pulling 6 figures within a minute of putting your site live. Sure, you might get some trickles of traffic once you’re site gets indexed. But without a traffic driving plan you aren’t going to see any meaningful results.

The website is done, the monetisation is done – all that is left in the “pyramid” is traffic.

I’ll repeat it once again: If you’re going to purchase AffiloJetpack, then you need to have a good traffic generation strategy in place. Without one, you are only going to find disappointment!

How To Drive Traffic To Your AJP Site

As I have explained on the about section of this site, Reviews Boss isn’t a how-to site. I only review products and tools (and occasionally break news about new releases etc). But I won’t leave you hanging out to dry. What I will do is give a few basic pointers below, and direct you to some other great resources about traffic generation:

  • On page SEO. While building your AJP site make sure you pay attention to the fundamentals of on-page SEO, so that you maximise your chances of actually ranking for valuable keywords. If you aren’t sure about how to do on-page SEO, then I highly recommend that you check out the videos of a guy called Franklin Hatchett who has some great tutorials on how he does on-page for Clickbank sites.
  • Link building. This is like the most exhaustive topic ever. I’m not even going to begin to scratch the surface, so all I can say is that if you are keen on the idea of getting your site ranking highly in Google for high traffic keywords, then you had better learn about link building. Here is a good place to start.
  • Facebook + FPTrafficI’ve been having a load of fun recently building up targeted Facebook pages that have massive engagement and viral growth through using FPTraffic to automatically post queued content. Despite not having hundreds of thousands of likes, I’m getting more engagement on many of my posts than pages with 5x the likes. And when I drop a link to great content on a relevant blog (e.g. if the page is about The Simpsons, I have a website about the show) I can drive hundreds, if not thousands of visitors in a short space of time. You could definitely try this tactic with Facebook and your AffiloJetpack site, although it would require a bit of outside-the-box thinking.
    • PPE Facebook ads can KILL it for driving traffic at cents per click … I’ve gone as low as a third of a cent per click before with this strategy.
  • PPC. It is my experience that the majority of affiliates are scared of investing in PPC. This is a bad attitude to have, as driving traffic from Google Adwords or Bing Ads gives you the opportunity to test out your site and its monetisation flow quickly. A $500 budget at a theoretical 50 cents per click will yield you 2500 visitors to your site. If you can convert visits to leads at 10%, then that is 250 emails that could be working to generate you sales, not to mention the chance of commissions up front from the review articles and sales CTAs that your site will (hopefully) have. 20 sales at $30 per sale and you made your $500 back plus $100 profit. This could be achieved in days, whereas getting your first 2500 visitors from SEO might take months. If you can establish that every visitor to your site is worth, on average, $0.80 and you can get clicks for  $0.50, then you’re almost doubling your money!
    • Please do not come to my house and burn me alive if you spend on PPC and lose money. You need a good  budget for testing and tweaking. You also need to be the kind of person who isn’t going to abandon their site after they spend a bit and don’t see results. The WORST thing you can do if you are going to run paid traffic is drop a couple hundy on traffic, have a 50 or 100 leads in your ESP account, and then give up because you didn’t make any sales.
    • Hunt around for some PPC coupons and give it a try that way. You should be able to get a feel for how Adwords and Bing Ads work with a couple of hundred in coupon spend on each.
  • Media Buys. Find relevant sites in your niche that have traffic and then make a pitch to buy some permanent adspace. If you go through a network like BuySellAds you’ll be paying a CPM rate (not that there is anything wrong with that if you’ve got the creative and messaging to drive healthy CTRs). Smaller sites may also be willing to do under-the-table “native advertising” for you. This is a bit of a no-no from the perspective of getting links, but the chances of getting caught are negligible.
  • Blog, forum, and social media commenting. BTB and Meathead1234. That is all I’m going to say on the matter. Go read those threads. Go do some more Googling on the subject. You can drive FREAK levels of traffic from other peoples’ websites if you do it properly.


  • Just about everything you need to build a good affiliate site. All the building blocks of a great affiliate site are here. You just need to put in the elbow grease and creativity to put it all together and make something spectacular. AffiloJetpack gives you just about everything you need to get set up to a point where you are ready to drive traffic and make sales.
  • Regular product updates. If a recommended affiliate product goes down or is no longer suitable for promotion, then you will get an email informing you of the fact as well as an update to plug the gap (if you’re hooked into Fluttermail, then this happens automatically). This means you aren’t going to get caught short promoting bad products.
  • Massive time saver. Writing email newsletters and setting them up using an autoresponder is a painful process. Even a short email will still take you 20 or so minutes to write, proof, and setup. If you’re using the automatic importer then you could have your entire newsletter sequence loaded in less time than it takes to write one newsletter yourself. Of course it’s not quite so fast if you have to manually upload the pre-written newsletters like I do due to using Aweber, but it’s still a heck of a lot faster than writing them yourself. Same goes with the eBooks. To research and write something equivalent yourself would take a heck of a lot of time, whereas you’re good to go here with a few mouse clicks and Microsoft Word’s find & replace tool.
  • Covered by a comprehensive money-back period. Because AJP is sold through Clickbank you get the standard 60 day money-back refund window. This is good news when you’re spending a lot of money.
  • Actually good value. Although the price tag is high you’re actually getting a heck of a lot of really useful content that will help you build your affiliate site(s). Let’s say you wanted to outsource 3 giveaway eBook reports of similar length and quality to those you are provided. Each one would cost you at least $200 including proof-reading and graphics (and I’m being generous here, it would cost a lot more for a good writer). So already it’s costing you $100 more for the 3 reports for one niche. And then the 90+ newsletters … well each one of those would easily cost you $5 to outsource at somewhere like iWriter. That means around $450 in cost. Then you need to consider the value of the niche research, article snippets, and having products pre-selected. That’s saving you at least 5 hours of work, so I would put a value of around $200 on that, being conservative.
    • 3 eBooks  at $200 each
    • 90 newsletters at $5 each
    • $200 for research
    • = $1250 (before any incidental costs like extra graphic design and so on)
  • So basically you can see that to buy your own content of a similar type for one niche would cost you more than twice what you’re paying for 5 niches with AffiloJetpack. It would cost thousands to get enough for five niches. Remember that price does not equate to value. At $497 this product is actually a lot better value than many $20 training products that might be cheap but offer nothing useful.


  • Too easy to become reliant on the recommended hosting, ESP etc. When you’re first starting out I think that the speedy site setup process is of huge benefit. It will save you time and help minimise the risk of setting something up wrong. However, it becomes a problem down the track if your site outgrows the AJP hosting, or you decide you want to move email service provider. Migrating sites is honestly never easy, especially if you’re a one man (or woman) band trying to do it yourself.
  • No auto-export of newsletters to other providers. This is designed to get you using Fluttermail as it is closely related to Affilorama and benefits their business. However, it would be nice if there was some API support for Aweber and other big players like Constant Contact (not Mailchimp though as they HATE affiliates). Manually loading up newsletters is a complete pain in the ass and can take a lot of time.
  • Big price tag with no payment plan options. $997 is a lot of money to pony up with in one go. From a business standpoint you would think that a split payment option would be offered, and this would also make the product more accessible to new members. I suppose the issue with offering a part payment option (or some kind of monthly rebill) is that it would be too easy to pay one payment and then download  all of the content and not pay the rest. However, you could also do this with the way that Clickbank’s refund system works, so maybe it’s more of a moot point.
  • Limited range of niches means more competition. This is always going to be a problem with any “business in a box” solution. There will be other people out there using the same keywords, same research snippets, same ebooks, same newsletters and so on. What’s the solution? Firstly, “unique” everything if you’ve got the time to do so. Tweak the eBooks content and eBook covers a bit, re-order the newsletter sequence, make sure you’re not just doing the same as everyone else. Secondly, you MUST go over and above what your competitors are doing. By adding more value to the niche than your competitors, you will find it much easier to get ahead in the long run.


Should you buy AffiloJetpack?

The answer to this question really depends on what you are hoping to achieve with it.

If you are going to buy it and let it gather digital dust on your hard drive as you jump off to the next shiny object, then please put your credit card away. Seriously, unless you actually think you can commit to building up a proper site and slogging away for hours on end driving traffic (or using precious coin to do the traffic generation via paid advertising) then AffiloJetpack isn’t for you.

I cannot stress enough how much you shouldn’t buy this product if you aren’t willing to invest to make it work for you. I mean investing both time, and probably additional money as well to start seeing traffic and sales.

You also need to have the ability to think outside the box a bit with your promotion. Just writing up your articles, building a few Web 2.0 links, and then kicking up your feet isn’t going to result in success.

Think about how you can make your site a true destination for the niche(s) that goes above what anyone else is attempting to offer. Lazy affiliates have a hard time these days. If you want to be a lazy affiliate, then go do something like making copy and paste YouTube videos advertising Clash of Clans cheats and then lock them with CPA (actually, I don’t want to rag on that kind of marketing because there is HUGE money in it … I just don’t particularly thing it’s a lasting business, even if it is a good way to make some short term profits).

I think the litmus test for buying AffiloJetpack is a bit like this:

  1. You can actually afford the $997 purchase price (if this is a massive stretch that would affect your personal finances, then don’t buy – as simple as that)
  2. You have a basic understanding of affiliate marketing works, and how to put together a website using WordPress – or you can at least follow instructions to do so.
  3. You are willing to invest serious time, energy, and probably money in order to see results … as in you aren’t going to abandon your project even if in 6 months’ time you’re not seeing the results you’d like.
  4. You are willing and capable of being a bit creative and independently minded to get results. You aren’t going to sit in the members’ area forum and whinge that everything isn’t being spoon fed to you.

If you can answer “yes” to the above questions, then AffiloJetpack is the right choice for you. It’s a seriously good product with a lot of value and big potential to make you money. It’s expensive no doubt, but if you are shrewd with how you do your affiliate marketing you can definitely make that money back.

If AffiloJetpack sounds like something that’s right for you, then click here to learn more about the product & buy.

How To Scrape Competitor Facebook Pages For Top-Performing Posts


Okay, so this site is really a reviews site. But sometimes I come across a method that is so good, that I need to share it (especially when it relates to my favorite Internet marketing application ever – FPTraffic).

If you’re trying to build up big Facebook pages with targeted audiences, then you’ll know that one of the biggest challenges is finding good content that gets a high level of engagement. The more engagement your content drives, the more people will see your page in their timeline and hopefully hit that all-important like button.

So how do you find good, high-engagement content?

Take “inspiration” from competing/existing pages in your niche!

This doesn’t mean you need to manually scroll through hundreds, potentially thousands of posts on many different pages to find top performers. Instead, there’s a much easier way to do this using the magic of Python and a pre-written script.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to make this happen. I’ve tried to illustrate this as best as possible with a big focus on screenshots rather than

What You’ll Need:

  • Windows or Mac computer (you can use Linux too I believe). NB that I am a Windows and ChromeOS user, so screenshots and instructions are based on Windows only.
  • Python – FINISH
  • Python “” script – available here
  • Spreadsheet software, preferably Excel
  • Facebook Graph Explorer API access token (NB – these expire after a set amount of time, so get this just before it’s needed as per instructions below).

Now let’s get down to business:

Step X – Sorting The Posts

Click to open the exported file in your preferred spreadsheet application (I use Excel – the patrician’s choice).

You’ll be greeted with something that looks a bit like this:

Now all you need to do is sort by the “num likes” column (or you could sort on reactions, comments, publishing date or anything else) and you get a full list of their top performing content.

You can now go through this list, open up the post links (EXPLANATION) and then grab those sweet, glorious, high-engagement posts to share on your own page.

Of course you need to be aware of copyright issues etc (this is especially the case if you’re copying videos) but for meme-type posts I think you’re pretty much always safe. I am not a lawyer, however, so do your own due diligence.

Pagez Review 2019

Important Update (November 12th, 2017) – Bad news everyone. Pagez has had its access to the Instant Articles Platform blocked/revoked. Luke (Pagez owner) filed an appeal but this was shot down and there is a 90-day stand down before another appeal can be filed. So basically there is no point in using Pagez until a successful appeal can be made – and to be honest there is a high chance that it is “game over” for Pagez as Facebook are notoriously unreasonable and difficult to deal with. The cause of this problem is probably due to certain users sharing copyright content, or the proliferation of low quality articles/content on the platform. I’ll update as news comes through. 

Pagez is now available to join! Go here to sign up and get started. You can even earn $$$ by sharing other people’s content using the “Discover” tool. Review will be updated ASAP!

As any reader of this site will have discerned fairly quickly, I’m a huge fan of the Internet marketing products made by a guy called Luke Kling.

Luke is a known name in the affiliate business, having been the affiliate manager for a company called Peerfly for a number of years. He also blogs semi-regularly at

FPTraffic is probably Luke’s biggest product. It’s hands-down one of my favourite applications for affiliate and Internet marketing, and using FPTraffic makes it simple to build, grow and manage viral Facebook pages (and make money from them).

Recently Luke reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in having a go with his latest product – actually still in development – called Pagez.

What Is Pagez?

Have you heard of Facebook Instant Articles? Basically, this is Facebook’s own system for making reading articles and content (that you have clicked on from the timeline on your Facebook mobile app) easier, faster and better.

When you click on a normal article link on Facebook – whether from your mobile app, or desktop – you are taken to a browser tab that navigates to that site.

Facebook Instant Articles is different. On supported mobile devices (and on the official Facebook mobile app) it effectively loads the article within the Facebook app using a pre-selected styling.

Normally, setting up Instant Articles requires a bit of configuration work between your website and Facebook, as well as setting up of Audience Network ads for monetization. I’m not going to bore you with the technical details at this stage, suffice it to say that it can be a hassle to set up.

Pagez is being developed as a solution to this problem. Instead of having to get approval and configuration between your website and Facebook, as well as set up templating and monetization, you just:

  • Join Pagez
  • Set up your monetization settings (with help provided)
  • Publish content
  • Share it to your Facebook pages

The whole point of Pagez is to speed up the process of creating and monetizing with Facebook Instant Articles and viral content by acting as an intermediary “publishing platform”.

What Does This Mean For Me?

If you’re in to building up Facebook pages and monetizing them through content and display-type ads, such as Adsense, then Facebook Instant Articles has a lot of potential.

Early impressions seem to be that Instant Articles get more clicks, better engagement, and more shares than “conventional” content.

With Pagez you are able to get in on this potential goldmine much faster and easier.

Of course there are limitations, such as:

  • Your content is published on a platform over which you have little control
  • Less template options
  • Pagez takes a revenue cut

But the flip side of the coin is that it is super fast to get set up and start monetizing. I made my first $10, reusing old articles from one of my viral media sites, with no more than 5 minutes work once I had set up my Pagez account.

When Will Pagez Be Available To The Public?

Pagez is now available for anyone to join. Membership is free, so go here to join now. Even if you don’t yet have much of a Facebook audience, it’s well worth joining ASAP so that you can get a feel for how the platform works. You’ll also get membership to the Pagez private Facebook group, where there are some really clever people sharing their case studies, strategies, and some frankly incredible earnings screenshots. Review 2019

An area of interest for me at the moment is cryptocurrency. I first heard of Bitcoin way back when you could hardly give them away, and admittedly dismissed it as a crazy concept (if only I’d just thrown a week’s worth of pay into them back in 2010/2011 – I’d be sitting in Lamboland now).

I have built up a modest holding of Bitcoin and other cryptos over the past couple of years – although once again regrettably I took profit much too soon – using a service called which I will be reviewing shortly.
When I first became interested in cryptocurrency, it was actually fairly easy to buy in with Paypal. There were sellers all over the show who had mined some BTC or some other coin and then would flog you a stack of them in exchange for payment via Paypal. Heck, I remember buying 1.2 million Infinitecoins (which have not gone to infinity, value-wise) on eBay UK with Paypal payment.

Because of things like transaction disputes, fraud risk, and the sheer increases in value of many cryptocurrencies, buying crypto with Paypal has become an increasingly rare occurrence.

But what if you just want to make the occasional purchase of cryptocurrency with Paypal. How can you do it safely and securely?

Luckily there’s – a service that I came across online a few weeks ago.

How Does It Work?

The process is super simple. Just register for an account, send a verification email to the verification address (there are different levels of verification available that allow for different daily purchase limits) and then make your purchase using your Paypal account.

What Can I Buy?

At the time of writing (June 2019) the following cryptocurrencies are available:

  • Dogecoin
  • Reddcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Bitcoin

Conclusion is a hard one. On one hand it is very convenient and simple. On the other hand it seems that purchasing is disabled almost every day, and only available for a brief window. It’s almost like an old Alfa Romeo sports car. Brilliant when working, which is unfortunately very rarely.

I do recommend it on the whole, as the service offers a convenient way of getting a bit of crypto here and there from your Paypal account. It’s especially convenient if you live in a country where Paypal access is abundant, but direct depositing into a cryptocurrency exchange is difficult.

Breaking News: Cryptopia Ends NZDT Deposits & Withdrawals

I’ve been a user of Cryptopia for a while now (and have reviewed the exchange here).

Today I received an email from Cryptopia – and the same message has been posted on their news page. I’ve copied it here for your convenience:

Unfortunately, our current bank has notified us that they intend to close our NZDT account on 9 February. Due to this, we are announcing an immediate halt to NZDT deposits from COB today and we are asking all customers to cease sending NZD deposits to our NZDT account.

We will continue to send withdrawals up until the 9th of February if you wish to withdraw your NZDT balance. We will also place a significant sell wall on the BTC/NZDT market at a very competitive market rate to enable any users currently holding NZDT to be able to convert this to BTC at the best rates available in NZ.

Due to the extremely short notice from the bank (and little opportunity to present our case and provide compliance documentation to demonstrate our commitment to the applicable regulations), we believe this is the best course of action to protect our users.

While we are working hard to secure alternative banking services, we have to prepare for the possibility that there may be a period of time between this closure and being able to provide these services again in future.

Rest assured, Cryptopia is committed to ensuring our users remain the top priority and have access to their funds at all times. This notice is a precautionary measure and we remain hopeful that we will be able to resolve this prior to the 9th February deadline with either an extension from our current bank, or an alternative solution to ensure you can continue to trade using NZDT.

We are focused on securing lasting and open relationships with bank providers so that this will not happen again in future. Whilst some exchanges choose to operate by opening bank accounts without being transparent (and running these until they get shut down), we believe this exposes us and our customers to greater risk and uncertainty.

We do apologise for any inconvenience this causes you whilst we work hard to resolve this challenge.

Best wishes
The Cryptopia Team

So what does this mean? Basically:

  • You cannot deposit any NZ dollars, effective immediately. Deposits that have been made that are still pending should be processed as normal. But whatever you do, DO NOT send any more NZD to Cryptopia.
  • Withdrawals of NZDT to an NZ bank account is available until 9th February.
  • Trading on the NZDT pairing will probably stop (I can’t see any info to definitively confirm or deny this, but seems logical)

This has been caused by their processing bank (I believe it’s ASB based on the information I’ve been able to find) probably pulling them aside and having a stern word. I imagine that trying to keep up with the regulatory and legal requirements in this space would be almost impossible.

I’m impressed by the swift and detailed communication Cryptopia have given. However, I would still advise you* to proceed with caution here. Some Twitter users have claimed that this indicates a potential exit scam in progress. This seems unlikely to me, as Cryptopia is now fairly well-established and has a legal presence here in New Zealand (a small country with a small population).

The big risks I can see here for Cryptopia users, especially those based in NZ who would be using the NZDT token and base market, are:

  • Deposits that are currently pending never get processed, or by the time they are processed the NZDT markets are shut(apparently there is quite some delay now for depositing NZ dollars into Cryptopia and being credited with NZDT)
  • There will likely be a “rush for the door” with regards to withdrawals of NZ dollars – and potentially cryptocurrencies as well if people lose confidence in the exchange. The risk here is that Cryptopia doesn’t have enough funds to cover these withdrawals.
  • If you forget to take action, you could wind up with effectively worthless NZDT. As its only purpose was to allow depositing and withdrawal of New Zealand dollars, once this stops on February 9th, NZDT is effectively rendered worthless as it has no utility – unless people see it as a store of value.

Have you been effected by Cryptopia’s latest decision? If so, please leave a comment below! I’ll be posting up a video on this in the next 24 hours as well, giving my thoughts on the situation.

*Nothing I say on this website or any of my social media platforms is to be taken as financial or legal advice. Always conduct independent research before making any investment decision, including consulting with financial and/or legal professionals. 


Serplab Review 2019

If you’re doing affiliate marketing or client SEO (or anything that involves building and ranking a website) then one of the most important things you can do is have good insights into how you are ranking.

If you don’t know your ranking stats, then it can be very tricky to make any data-driven decisions about where you need to focus your on-page SEO, link building, or branding efforts.

Therefore, you’re going to need a reliable system for checking your search engine rankings.

Enter, stage left, Serplab.

What Is Serplab

As you might have guessed right now, Serplab is a SERP checking tool.

It’s an online/cloud-based platform – rather than being an installable software – that allows you to load up your domain(s), desired regions, and then keywords and see how you are ranking.

How Much Does Serplab Cost

Serplab has a rather unique (and cool) pricing structure.

The whole platform is based around this concept of SERP Bots. Basically, one SERP Bot is capable of doing a certain amount of work. When you sign up, you get a single SERP Bot for free.

This is probably enough if you just need to track a single website and a handful of keywords. You might even get away with a couple of small sites with your free bot.

But if you’ve got a bigger site with many keywords, or you want to be tracking multiple sites (such as client sites) then you’ll want to add on more bots. Normally, these bots are $10 USD per month each, but I have often seen specials where they are reduced to $5.

I have just one extra bot and it’s enough to track three websites and about 100 keywords.

This pricing system is great. It allows you to scale nicely with your needs, rather than having to spend more than you need to to get on to some kind of “tiered” plan.


All things being considered, I’m a massive fan of Serplab. It’s a great service that is easy to use and seems to provide very accurate SERP tracking for a fair price.

I like the ability to be able to issue reports to clients through an access link. That way they can log in and check any time (very handy if you have the types of clients who always want to be on at you to update them on rankings).

I also like the fact that Serplab is web-based, rather than being an installed solution like Traffic Travis. I like to keep my machine as clean as possible, and cloud-based means it can be accessed on any device. This is especially important for me as I find I am starting to work more frequently on my Chromebook with Chrome OS than I am on Windows.

Go here to sign up to Serplab and give their excellent service a try.

Mailshake Review – Initial Impressions

Sorry for the brief hiatus in posting – I’ve been focusing a bit of additional energy into my consulting business, which I’m going to be pouring more time into in the near future.

However, the good news is that my immediate plans should also hopefully free up more time for me to hit the ground running with Reviews Boss as well. I’ve got plenty of exciting content planned, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on that!

One product I want to call attention to that I’ve recently started to use is Mailshake.

This isn’t a full review of Mailshake – that will come in due course. But what I would like to do is share my initial impressions of the product.

What Is Mailshake?

It’s a platform for sending highly-personalised emails en masse. I’m not talking Mailchimp-style bulk sends (i.e. EDMs), but instead emails that look like they were sent directly from your Gmail/Google Apps email inbox.

Who’s It For? How Does It Work?

Mailshake is primarily pitched as being a cold email tool. Let’s say you want to generate leads for a business (e.g. you’ve just started a freelance graphic design shop). One way to drum up some potential business is cold emailing. You could contact businesses whose graphic design for advertising, logos, website or whatever needs sprucing up.

Normally, cold emailing is a slow process. You create a target list – names, emails, company details etc – then you have to go through and email each one manually.

Mailshake makes the process much faster by allowing you to combine an email template with your target list. This means that once you’ve collected the lead data and written your template email, it becomes almost effortless to send out the emails.

How Much Does It Cost?

$19 per month per user. Simple, flat-rate pricing (although there’s a bit of a discount available for paying a full year in one go).

Is It Easy To Use?

In my experience so far, very much so. I had my first test campaign up and running in a matter of minutes. The step-by-step “wizard” that talks you through the campaign setup process is simple, effective and easy-to-follow.

My full review of Mailshake will be up in the near future. But for now, suffice it to say I’m enjoying the platform and can see immense potential for using it to generate leads and sales.