1st Domains Review 2019

1st Domains Review 2019

Hot on the back of my recent Dynadot review, I’m back with a review of another popular domain registrar (well, popular if you live in New Zealand like me!)

This is a quick review of 1st Domains, which has been a top registrar in NZ for a number of years now.

What Is 1st Domains?

1st Domains is a domain registrar and hosting provider company, based in New Zealand. I use them to register any New Zealand TLDs that I need for whatever reason.

The only reason you would go with this registrar is if you need to get your hands on a .co.nz or .kiwi or other NZ TLD domain.

If you’re based in NZ and looking to register something like a .com or .net, then I would still recommend that you go with Dynadot in order to save money. 1st Domains really is there just for

How Much Are Domains?

This depends on exactly what TLD you want to buy. However, the two most common options – .co.nz and .com – are $21.50 NZD per year (GST exclusive).

There is a full range of NZ TLDs including .org.nz, .kiwi, .nz. You can also register all common global TLDs, as well as those flashy new extensions like .marketing.


Although this has been a short review, I hope that you can see that 1st Domains is a great option for any NZ-based Internet marketer (or anyone who needs to register an NZ TLD domain).

Their site might be a bit old fashioned and their prices aren’t necessarily the best … but 1st Domains manage to provide a nice and stable experience and offer good customer service.

I’ve certainly never had a bad experience with 1st Domains, and would recommend them to anybody.

1st Domains Review
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