10 Ways To Get More Organic Reach On Facebook

10 Ways To Get More Organic Reach On Facebook

If you’ve been doing Facebook marketing for a while now (either for your business or for affiliate sites) then you’ll know the importance of Facebook organic reach.

Remember that Facebook doesn’t show your content to all of your audience, all of the time.

In fact, they only show it (on average) to a tiny slice of that audience these days.

So you might be sitting there feeling smug about the number of likes on your page … only to find that a minuscule fraction of that audience is actually seeing your content.

Organic reach has been declining for years now – for a variety of reasons – and this has caused a great deal of consternation and frustration for Facebook page owners.

So what’s the solution?

Is there actually anything you can do to get more organic reach on Facebook.

As luck would have it, there actually is.

Believe it or not, but there are a number of effective things you can do (most of them free) to fight back against Facebook’s increasing throttling of organic reach.

I recently put together a video outlining exactly how you can do this.

Check out my guide to increasing organic reach:

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